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What is Mediation?
What is Mediation?
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Respect and Dignity
Litigation is essentially a publically conducted argument which mandates the airing of the "dirty laundry" of both parties to the dispute. The public record remains to display what, for many people, is a humiliating and degrading experience.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mediation is defined, in some important ways, by what it is not or what it can replace as an approach to resolving disagreements -- litigation. Many people describe themselves as "hating conflict." And most of us work to avoid conflict if at all possible. Why? Because conflict leads to confrontation which leads to very difficult feelings or behaviors or both, depending on who and what is involved in the conflict.

So mediation is a process which enables the parties to a dispute to reach a mutually agreeable solution with the help of a trained professional. Our attorney-mediators are neutral on your issue but deeply committed to the principles and practice of mediation as an alternative approach to conflict resolution.

Steps in the Process
Identifying the Issues
Creating Alternatives
Reaching and Clarifying Agreement

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Divorce Mediation
Domestic Partner Mediation
Changing Child Custody/Visitation

There is a peaceful path to resolution for each person involved in a disagreement. A good mediator helps both parties identify the next step, and assists each person to find the path.

A Good Fit

Interview mediators to find someone who is really right for you -- don't rush yourself or allow someone else to rush you.

The Agenda

Take your time creating an agenda so you are fully prepared. You only have one chance to get things off to a good start!

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