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Mediation is more cost-effective than litigation. The neutral mediator helps both parties work to preserve their assets. Litigation, by its very nature, involves mandatory attorney actions and the inevitable fees. Mediation offers each client more financial control.

Hope Always - Both of You Can Be Winners
People in transition often feel overwhelmed with confusion, anger, or pain, leading to a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. An adversarial approach to problem-solving with the accompanying litigation and stress can make matters worse for some people. Mediation offers a chance to find mutually acceptable outcomes through a process that is conducted with dignity and respect for all parties.

Janis K. Stocks is an attorney mediator with the wisdom and experience to help you mediate fair and respectful solutions. Jan brings over 40 years of courtroom experience as a litigator to the challenging and delicate work of mediating solutions for families. Jan is knowledgeable and thorough, with unique problem solving abilities. Call 619--231-2085 for a consultation today.


Advantages of Mediation Over Litigation...
Outcome is tailored to the individual clients
Ample opportunity for discussion and resolution
Confidential - nothing discussed during mediation can be released. No public record.
You make the final decisions rather than a judge
Private information is not discussed in a public setting
There are no Court Appearances
The process is informal
Times are mutually convenient because they are set by the parties not the Court
Minimizes the emotional costs by working cooperatively
Teaches skills to resolve problems more easily going forward

The Mediator's Role:
The Mediator creates a cooperative environment where both parties feel safe to discuss issues openly and honestly. The Mediator stays neutral, listens, helps both parties stay focused, and explores the underlying interests while maintaining a balance of power.

Why Choose a Certified Family Law Specialist?


ASK ABOUT A MEET AND GREET WITH Jan Stocks (mention this website)
There is a peaceful path to resolution for each person involved in a disagreement. A good mediator helps both parties identify the next step, and assists each person to find the path.

A Good Fit

Interview mediators to find someone who is really right for you -- don't rush yourself or allow someone else to rush you.

The Agenda

Take your time creating an agenda so you are fully prepared. You only have one chance to get things off to a good start!

      Call 619--231-2085 -- Ask for Kristine or email - Stocks & Colburn Family Law Attorneys & Mediators    
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